Al Quran
Al Quran
Al Quran

In the name of Allah, The entirely merciful, The especially merciful.

Al-Quran app is an Islamic app for the entire muslim ummah, specially for Bangladeshi. We've tried to make Al-Quran available to mobile phone for easy access.

*** This free app is 100% advertisement free. ***

Features of the app: Al-Quran in Arabic, Bengali translation and Bengali meaning both Surah and Para view. Al-Quran recitation in Arabic with Bengali meaning. You have the option to listen to any of Arabic and Bengali meaning recitation or both in both Surah and Para view.

Dua in Arabic, Bengali translation and Bengali meaning Prayer Time based on all Districts of Bangladesh Hadees in Arabic and Bengali translation - Bukhari Sharif & Sahih Muslim Hadees Names of Allah Islamic Video Section

We have tried our best to keep it error free from both technical and content point of view. If you find any issue, you are most welcome to bring that to out attention. We believe with your help we will be able to improve this app time to time. Thank you very much.

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